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  1. Thank you again for the very enjoyable Fairfield concert.

    I hope you’ve had a chance to check out the Classical Piano Trios radio station:

    If you have time, I’d love to hear what you think of the wonderful Rheinberger piano trios! My guess (and hope) is that you’ll like them enough to add them to your repertoire!

    As I’m wring this, I’m listening to a real fun short tango piano trio you might enjoy checking out as a filler or encore.

    I wish you success and pleasure in Bar Harbor and hope to see and hear you somewhere again soon.

    With warm regards,


    • Joe,
      Thank you for writing in and apologies for the very delayed response! Our site has been inundated with spam and I am only just now wading through it all! We loved playing for CAM and hope that we will get the chance to come back soon! And we will be sure to look up the Colon Tango for Trio. We are always looking for fun pieces (for us and for the audience!).

  2. I forgot to identify the “real fun short tango piano trio you might enjoy checking out as a filler or encore”! It’s “Tango for Piano Trio” by Emilio Colón.


  3. The word “delightful” kept running through my mind during your concert at the Northport Library last night.
    I loved your blend of classical and contemporary music.
    Elgar’s “Salut D’Amour” was lovely, and your treatment of Bolcom’s “Ragtime Daffodil” was the treat of the evening.
    Please make a CD. Your audience would love to take home your music!
    If you have an email list, please put me on it.

  4. Hi Janey,
    We met a couple of times in Bar Harbor. We have a possible opening for June 2018 in Red Bank, NJ, and wondered if you might be open to playing for us then. It would be a Sunday afternoon at 4:30. I can get more specific dates if June 2018 looks possible.
    Best regards,
    Michael Tortorella

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